1st Book (End of 2011)

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1st book to be completed no later than the end of 2011. Current title: 24/7 Leadership: How To Succeed All The Time. The title of this book may change and is flexible to suggestions from 3rd parties.  

Excerpts and passages will be shared on an intermittent basis as a part of thought-initiative and the encouragement of collaborative creativity and mutual growth. Please feel free to read and share any of the information presented from any of the chapters.

Excerpts and passages to be shared shortly.


Wishing you continued success and happiness.


Excerpt 1:

Like I Give A Care: Sarcastic Voice Tone At Its Finest (Sarcastic Tone)

Now and then, here and there, a moderate dose of sarcasm never hurt anyone. After all, the outward personal expression of sarcasm adds a certain spice to human inner-circle conversations, one that livens up dialogue when mind-numbing interaction has fallen ‘flat’ on its face. Let’s just accept it, there are innumerous handfuls of sarcastic people parading around our planet. Everywhere you go there is a sarcastic buffoon loitering on the corner of some street in some place. We can’t get around it, over centuries of time, the human concept and expression of sarcasm has become well-accepted throughout the entirety of our societal ranks and realms. Sarcasm is here to stay and it will continue to add a dynamic to human interaction that rubs some people the wrong way while ‘warming the belly’ of other knee slapping, beer glass tilting hooligans (and some free-wheeling, white-collared overachieving cronies too).   

                In light of sarcasm in our societies, it is hard to not ignore the ignoramus who consistently and pervasively incorporates a sarcastic tone in the projection of their voice as they talk with fellow people. This kind of person, the one who almost always adds a sarcastic tone to the presentation of their voice, is trying very hard to send a specific message to his or her audience (or anyone who has the stomach and patience to listen to such a blathering buffoon). The message, conveyed in the sarcastic tone of voice is simple “By speaking this way to you I am haphazardly letting you know that the value of what you are saying pales in comparison to the value of what I am saying”. In other words, the individual that consistently laces their voice tone with sarcasm attempts to downplay the personal or social position of the person with whom they are speaking while simultaneously and boisterously jacking their selves up .

                Another way of thinking about a person who frequently uses a sarcastic voice tone during conversation is to pretend that what they are saying repeatedly to you is really this – “Thank you for your little message, thank you for your little message, thank you for your little message – are you ready to hear my ‘big’ message yet?” In short, they are big and you are little. At least that is the perception and/or circumstance the sarcastic voice tone may wish to create. Sometimes though, a person who uses a sarcastic tone may be unwittingly revealing a deeper and more vulnerable part of their self. Let us take a few moments and consider some underlying individual sensitivities and vulnerabilities related to a person who tends to overuse a sarcastic tone of voice or a person who acts sarcastically on a fairly regular basis.

More to come shortly…

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