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Skipping A Meal

I’ve decided to commit to skipping a meal as part of my weight loss regiment. This commitment will require much mental discipline as cutting out a daily meal is no easy task.

For the most part, when I eat lunch(the meal I’m cutting out of my diet), I’m bored. I just sit there in boredom and stuff my face as time passes on. I actually quite think that eating can often be a mindless activity that is an exercise in weakness, not to mention an expensive habit.

No doubt, I will have to monitor myself carefully and pay close attention to bodily signals (i.e.- growling stomach, potential weakness in the legs and a reduction in mental concentration). These bodily signals will queue me into what needs to be done next. For instance, steel my resolve and remind myself to stick with the commitment of skipping a meal on a daily basis.

I don’t know what to expect. What mental hurdles will I have to endure? How painful will this be? Is this something I can keep up for a prolonged period of time?

Yesterday was my first day at it and I succeeded. I got by with a black coffee that seemed to curb my appetite well. Perhaps I can add in an apple or a banana as a small and healthy snack. I still need to limit my consumption as I’m firm and adamant to lose weight.

Have you thought about skipping a meal? Maybe it’s a good idea to start. Join me at this endeavor!
I don’t think I could skip dinner though. Dinner is often tasty and it’s not easy to go to bed hungry.

Let’s commit to this behavioral change. Or at least I am going to try with all my might.

It’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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