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You Have To Go Harder, Faster, Longer

To achieve the results you want to see physically. Given there are no medical constraints to your fitness regiment, you really do have to go harder, faster and longer to trim away the fat and increase physical fitness.

For instance, I exercise on the treadmill for part of my workout. For me to see results, I have to run at a faster rate for a longer period of time. Only by doing this do I see the belly fat trimmed away and an increased tightness to my overall frame. This may well be harder on my joints but it must be done to see the results we want to see.

‘Harder’ is the grit and determination you put into the exercise. It is the mental toughness you ascribe to what you are doing in terms of fitness. This component has to be there for the ‘commmitment’ to ring true. You have to be totally committed mentally and not give in to the desire to give up and live a life that is ‘easier’.

Now I could get into aerobic and anaerobic exercise and the difference between slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle but this tends to go beyond the scope of this post. The point is is that we want to activate certain types of systems in our bodies to achieve desired results. While sprinting is not an aerobic exercise, the quick bursts of speed for as long as we can go helps burn away the fat incrementally. Whereas a slower more moderate pace on the treadmill strengthens our cardiovascular muscle, overall endurance and conditioning.

Trust me, if there are no medical constraints please go harder, faster, longer. Let the sweat pour down your brow and over top of the rest of your body.

This is one way to increase your fitness dramatically. Remember though, this approach isn’t the best for your joints, particularly the knees. There will be stiffness once you reach a certain age.

These thoughts are intended to help and be a starting point. Please take them with a grain of salt.

I’d love to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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