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On Finding Happiness – Being Prolific & Being Inspired

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I slept in today. I usually do on Sunday’s. There’s nothing like waking up late on a Sunday morning. My Mom always has the coffee brewed and I just have to go into the cupboard for cereal and into the fridge for milk. Apply the milk to the cereal. Go to the drawer for a large spoon. Sit down on the couch and enjoy. This morning there are also shortbread cookies so that goes over well too, especially with a hungry tummy.

Today I’d like to talk about inspiring oneself to write in a prolific way. That is, how do we encourage ourselves to write great volumes of information that is of quality and interest to the reader? To be honest, it’s just plain tough. There are many roadblocks to success. Writing can be a very laborious activity and sometimes it can even feel absolutely fruitless. Amidst the fruitlessness of it all, how do we convince ourselves to approach writing in an inspired and prolific way? Before we can think about doing this, however, I think we need to think about what is standing in our way.

1. Being prolific is hard – we all want to write great volumes of quality information but it’s hard. I want to be prolific right away at all at once. I want to rush and get it all down on paper as soon as possible without thinking. I don’t want to wait days and days, even months and months for the writings to accumulate into a finished product. I just want to spew it all out now!

2. Being inspired is hard – wouldn’t it be great if we could all feel inspired all the time? Every day we’d wake up and want to make an astounding positive difference in the lives of those around us. We’d be singing in the shower, smiling into the vanity mirror and whistling as we dressed ourselves. Not only that, we’d be jovial during our commute into work. We’d wave at everyone and let everyone in in front of us that wanted to cut us off. Now if only we could convert that into our writings. Every day we’d turn on our computer, open up the Microsoft Word program and smile at the empty blank page in front of us. Wouldn’t that kind of attitude be great? Yes it would. But it’s very hard to be inspired like that. It takes mental conditioning which leads us to our next numbered point.

3. I just don’t feel like it – As I said it takes mental conditioning to write in an inspired and prolific way. Often times we just don’t feel like it or are in a lazy mood. Besides, I’d rather sit around, take it easy and watch TV. It takes so much energy to fire up the computer and load the program to begin writing. It feels like I have to fight my way through every page and sometimes I wonder what I am going to write about. It feels like a hopeless battle and I don’t know if I’m getting any better at the craft anyway. In this way, it takes a lot of mental conditioning to plug away day in and day out even when we don’t feel like it. Sometimes the writer just wants to break down and cry because the craft can seem so meaningless. We have to fight the “I just don’t feel like it” attitude because it’s so easy to slip into. It’s so easy to plunk ourselves in front of the TV and let the time pass with program after program. We have to fight the urge and aspire to be more and do more, especially through the craft of writing.

4. What am I writing about anyway? – sometimes as writers we get lost in what we are writing about and wonder what we are talking about; it’s easy to get lost in the confusion and not know if we are coming across as coherent. It’s important to stay on topic and try and convey as clear a message as possible. For this reason it is easy to become discouraged and give up on the process of writing. When this happens it becomes virtually impossible to be prolific and inspired. Try and remain focused on what you are writing about and continue to sharpen your mental conditioning. It requires great mental conditioning to stay on topic and not meander all over the place during the process of writing.

5. I’m not feeling creative – time and again the creative juices don’t flow. We sit down and want to write something but the words aren’t coming to us. It’s hard to be prolific when you experiencing a writer’s block or a shortfall in creativity. When you’re not being prolific it’s definitely harder to feel inspired. We need to share reasonable amounts of information to feel inspired and know that we are adding value to the lives of other people. If you’re not in the most creative of moods try switching up the activity until the creativity comes back to you. This can be as simple as going for a walk, buying groceries, going for a coffee or eating yummy food! When you feel as if your head is clear again try returning to the computer to see where your creative thoughts may lead you.

We all want to be inspired to write in a prolific way. We all want to be prolific and we all want to be inspired. There are, however, many roadblocks that stand in our way to success. We have to acknowledge how hard it is to be inspired and prolific. We have to realize that we as human beings are often just lazy or not in the mood to do an activity. We have to know that it can be easy to become confused. And we have to come to terms that we will not always have creativity within our clutches. By acknowledging these facts we can take a step closer to becoming prolific and inspired and avoid becoming discouraged when we encounter such roadblocks.

Now I have to ask myself: Am I feeling happy? Or have my feelings of happiness increased?

Tough questions to answer. I just finished writing about a very difficult topic – being inspired and being prolific. It was a topic that I was uncertain writing about and I wasn’t sure how much enjoyment I’d experience while writing about the topic. I still have a knot in my stomach and I know I could have added more value during these writings. I have to remain satisfied, however, that I did my best throughout these writings on proliferation and inspiration. I explored many different ideas and shared various thought on the subject matter. A couple hours ago I was on the verge of happiness and as I suspected it was only temporary. As I said, the knot in my stomach is still there and I have to find other activities to occupy my time.

I think I’ll go for a walk.

It’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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