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On Finding Happiness – My Daily Activities Are Limited

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My Daily Activities Are Limited – I wake up and eat breakfast. It’s almost always cereal. I’ll have a cup of coffee, gingerly sipping it to its last delicious drop. Then I’ll watch TV for a while, enjoying the Weather Network and the Golf Channel. Fumble around for a while, get a shower and then think about writing or taking our family dog to the park for a jaunt.

If I go down to the park with our family dog, it’s almost always a 1 hour walk in the park and accompanying neighborhood. She’ll sniff the grass, the trees and step through the leaves with the many crunching sounds. Unsuspecting squirrels are subject to ferocious pounces and heart-wrenching pursuits. The ducks, the geese and the swans are potential victims as well but they always manage to escape back to the chilly winter waters of Lake Ontario.

After the dog walk, it’s back to the computer for a session of writing. Writing is a difficult beast because you never know what may or may not pop into your head. Sometimes it is very difficult to isolate a subject matter that will be very interesting to write about and very interesting for a reading audience. The writings and dialogue have to be engaging, succinct and to the point. As a writer, you don’t want to waste the time of the reader. Nothing could be worse.

Once the daily writing is finished I have to find a way to put in the afternoon and I usually do that with online job searches. And let me tell you, online job searches are often miserable and a dead-end. Nowadays, there’s so many different search engines to explore and so many job websites that it’s enough to make one’s head spin (i.e. – Indeed, WowJobs, Workopolis, Monster to name just a few). The options and selection seems unlimited. Sometimes there are too many selections and it leaves the individual feeling inundated.

These are only a few numbered points to think about and each numbered point has a direct relationship and correlation to my current feelings of happiness. Being unemployed detracts from my happiness. Being alone makes it seem harder to achieve feelings of happiness (i.e. – there’s no one out there to share my life with).

Limited daily activities taxes your feelings of self-efficacy, making an individual wonder if they are still or are competent in what they are doing on a daily basis. Limited daily activities also makes you wonder if you are missing out on anything (i.e. – business trips abroad, business meeting with colleagues, personal vacations in selected and desirable destinations, etc). This, correspondingly, affects your levels of personal happiness because you wonder if your life might be being sold short.

It’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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