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On Finding Happiness – I am Divorced

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I Am Divorced – my marriage came to a screeching halt sometime in the year of 2013. I was issued divorce papers. All I had to do was sign and the marriage was dissolved with my former spouse retaining custody of our one and only child – our daughter. We are now living in separate countries. She resides in the United States of America with our daughter and I live in Canada.

Communication between us is sparse but the divorce, overall, was amicable. I chose not to get into fights. The few times we did argue yielded unsavory results in the form of hang-ups and unkind short words. There was a part of me that wanted to fight in an emotional way but I was thinking about my daughter and the negative effects it might have on her. Not fighting during the process of divorce is one of my biggest life regrets and I thought fighting might in some sick way salvage the marriage or reignite a flame that may have burned out.

Each day I try and forgive myself for not fighting harder or more but I always and inevitably think about my daughter and her well-being. I fear that any fighting would greatly unsettle her feelings or rock the boat of her emotions having a negative impact on the early years of her development as she is only 5 years old now, absorbing our divorce just after the age of 3.

It’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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