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Investing is a good idea at any point in one’s life. Investing makes way for the idea of growth, that you as an individual entity can take a sum of money, park it in a certain type of investment vehicle and see your money grow over a period of time and varying rate of return.

The rate of return of money is based on the concept of risk (an entirely different subject matter altogether) and an individual’s ability to tolerate risk. Risk tolerance is typically categorized 3 ways: low, medium, and high. The lower one’s tolerance for risk the less likely the individual is willing to incur losses. The higher the risk tolerance, the more willing an individual may be to part ways with their money or incur losses.

But risk and risk tolerance is a topic for another blog post and can be discussed in greater detail at a future time.
For now, let’s just stick with the basic idea of investing and why it’s a good idea.

For one thing, wouldn’t it be great if you could see your money grow over time, in a vehicle that doesn’t necessarily guarantee growth or return but encourages it? Wouldn’t you like to see your money parked in a bond, GIC, equity fund, segregated fund or annuity? Something that is going to work for you and encourage variable or fixed rate of return?

Don’t be fooled though, there are investment vehicles that can guarantee a certain rate of return over a fixed period of time, but they typically have a lower rate of return and are for risk adverse investors. These types of investments are GIC’s. There are other types of investment vehicles that guarantee a fixed rate of return but they, at this time, do not need to be discussed here as it is beyond the scope of knowledge of this post.

But back to the main idea of this post: investing is a good idea at any time in one’s life because it indicates that you as an investor, are willing to put money away for the future and retirement, for your financial security when you reach the more elder years. Part of the reason as to why this is such a good idea, is because there is more uncertainty in our former years as health concerns arise and our physical well-being comes into jeopardy.

Perhaps you want to save or invest for that world-trip after you retire? Perhaps you wish to put your kids or grandchildren through college one day? Whatever your intention or desire, investing, done the right way, can get you there. Sometimes it will get you there faster than you may think and sometimes it will get you there slower than you may think.

Again, it depends on what type of investment vehicle you are using and how much risk you are willing to assume. If you want to go big, maybe international equities are the way for you to go. If you prefer to go not so big, maybe a set of international or domestic bond purchases are in order for you.

Nevertheless, investing done the right way is intended to have your money grow over a period of time and enhance your financial security and provide for yourself and the ones you love and hold dearest. This is a very basic look at investing. It doesn’t include topics or subject matter like; trading volume, market segmentation, volatility, market capitalization and earnings per share.

In future posts we may took a more intricate look at investing concepts and how we get into the fruitfulness and excitement of investing, no matter what your tolerance is for risk.

Wishing you happy and healthy investing whether you do it with an institution, an LLC, a fund manager or all of your own as a trader throughout the daily trading hours.

Thanks for reading,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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