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Life is a lot about the acceptance of living with and in adjustment or adjustments. There are always going to be periods of adjustment in our lives that will challenge us and push us to the limit. We never know when and for what reason these adjustment periods will happen, yet they are and always will be there, reminding us that life is a struggle.

One example of a certain type of adjustment is an individual that is struggling with finding employment or landing a job. When a person is not in a career, they are in the midst of an adjustment phase. The adjustment phase challenges the individual to how they will allocate and make use of their daily time (also known as time management skills). As such, the individual’s daily routine changes. Perhaps the individual spends more time at the grocery store or cooking and cleaning.

One way or the other, the day has to be put in. We just have to figure out how that will happen. Or, that same individual may use more of their daily time hunting for jobs, perusing online websites or going door-to-door until they find a suitable employer that will help them earn a living and pay the bills.

Another example of an adjustment period of adjustment phase is when a more elderly person has to be transitioned into a long-term care facility or assisted living. This can become very difficult for the transitioning individual as various freedoms change and the dynamics of familial relationships change. The individual may not be as capable as they used to be, relying on staff to help them perform daily functions. In addition, family relationships might not be as consistent, with more time in between visits or less frequency of visits.

This, in a way, can lead to a deterioration of the familial relationship in the form of unavailability which is altogether a different type of adjustment – an emotional adjustment that may result in the hardening of feelings and increased family tension.

On way or another, we are always in the middle of an adjustment. Maybe you’ve had a recent string of successes? If you have, this is also an adjustment, particularly emotionally. Plus, your relationships will likely change. People may begin to look at you differently or treat you differently. Friends you once thought you had may no longer be your friend and it may be because you’ve had so many successes. You may also be riding a high or on cloud nine (emotional adjustment) as a result of your successes. It’s nothing to be afraid of but it may be wise to make note of it and how it may be affecting your life.

You may, a result of all the positive emotion, begin to make irrational decisions that are beyond your awareness. You may also begin to take unrealistic chances that you previously did not. Emotional adjustments take time and they are always affecting us in various and unseen ways. They effect our thinking and feeling, our judgments and the decisions we will make.

Adjustments, in all their shapes and forms, are very complex and not to be taken lightly. Adjustments are a constant and continuous part of our lives.

What adjustments are happening in your life?
What adjustments do you anticipate you will need to make in the future?
Do you have any stories to share with respect to adjustments or adjusting?

It’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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