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A Flood Of Ideas

September 5th, 2014

No not a flight of ideas. A flood of ideas.

It seems like groups of ideas tend to come in waves. I don’t know where they come from or what they’re supposed to mean but they are there and it’s important to get them down on paper in some kind of sensible way. This includes writing and the ideas that are associated with writing.

When you think about the natural occurrence of a flood you think of an event that has an uncontrolled outcome that is associated with the building up of water. It’s not that it’s a purge but it’s the presence of abundance that we have a tough time managing. In this sense then, there is a presence of ideas that is difficult to manage because there are so many of them. The volume is high.

It’s important to distinguish between ‘ flood of ideas’ and ‘flight of ideas’ because a flight of ideas tends to indicate that someone is suffering from a mental illness and their ideas are all over the place and are spoken at a furious pace resulting in something that may be better understood as non-sensical jibberish.

A flood of ideas then is an abundance of ideas that make sense and can be understood.
For instance, I have a writing idea about divorce. I also have a writing idea about being separated from a biological child on a continuous basis. I also have an idea about writing a book, what the title will be for the book and what the opening pages will look like. These are all ideas and they are bunched together.

I also have communicative ideas about people I’d like to reconnect with or catch up with because I feel like there are relational holes in my life.

When a ‘flood of ideas’ arrives in your head it’s important to write them down and get them out of your system. This way you will remember the ideas on paper and may be able to share the ideas with other people. A flood of ideas isn’t always there so it’s a good ideas to capitalize on the creative juices when they’re flowing.

Find a piece of paper or maybe your laptop is sitting beside you. Do yourself a favor and write it down. You’ll likely feel a sense of relief through the expression of your creative self.

Trust me on this one. You won’t be disappointed.

On a side note. I’m a bit out of practice with my writings so I hope this all makes sense and is easy to digest.

Thanks for reading and more to come,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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