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The love affair continues

November 24th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

with music and song writing.
It’s the constant distinguishing, understanding and acceptance between effect and affect.

It’s easy to accept the effect in music. You only need to decide if you like or not and let it in.
It’s a little trickier with human beings.
You have to decide whether or not to let in their affect or not.
And by letting in their affect you are able to internalize the person or the human being.

If you are not able or unwilling to internalize the affect of another human being then it might be best to move one to another person or delve into the realm of machinery.
Some people are not only able to internalize the affect of another human being but such people are also able to convert into a form or type of artistry such as music or musical composition to name one.

Negative affect doesn’t mean another person is crazy. That same person may be misunderstood or existing in a world that is different than yours.
There’s no need to cast judgmental stares.
They’re just different and the culmination of events in their life has transformed them emotionally into something you might not find palatable and understandable.

Back to the effect and affect of music though.
I like to let in the effect of music right away.
It’s almost always a queue and leads into the affect of the artist(s) and engineers (theirs not really a difference between the 2 by the way).
The effects mesmerize me and lift me to a higher spiritual place where I can experience my own feeling and my own emotion in a healthy way.
A healthy way that cleanses my system of negative affect that may be damaging or thwarting my relationships.
When all else fails and I’m on the verge of a breakdown I turn to the affect and effect of music.
Hence, the love affair.

It’s sounds corny I realize but the love affair is there and it’s something I firmly believe in strange as it may sound.
It’s a trusty love affair and one that does not result in regret, torn feelings and unmentionables.
It’s a win-win relationship and I stand by it.

My stereo’s busted in the car right now so cruising around without the positive vibe of music.
Gonna have to break out the wrench soon and go back to the original solution that fixed the mechanical problem in the first place.
How dare I sacrifice digital security (readable clock) for the gift of music.
I’m such a silly person sometimes.

Some megastars are belting out some seriously good tunes of late and almost all of them are women.
Katy, Christina and Emily.
Goddesses of wonderful sound (lest we not forget the producers and engineers now).
There is no sweeter sound than High E’s and High A’s.
Octave ranges may vary but these goddesses really know how to belt it out.
I hasten to use last names because it would make me look obsessive and desperate. Not to mention a cyber-weirdo.

I’m just about out of thoughts and need to take the edge off with an alcoholic beverage.
So long and thanks for reading,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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