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The Right Accident

The right kind of accident creates a learning experience and helps to build life experience.
Some people believe and tout that “It’s better left to the experts”.

I agree but the only way there are experts is if there were none previous.
In a sense we are all not experts in a constant state of development toward a degree of expertise.

For example, I don’t understand physics that well and my judgement about mass, gravity, angles, and pivots points are not that good.
I am not an expert in physics.
Yet this does not mean that I cannot increase my knowledge about physics through individual trial and error.
Besides experts are expensive and sometimes there advice isn’t helpful at all and doesn’t lead to the job getting done.

My main point is that if you are careful enough and deliberate enough about a plan of action in a field you are uncertain about you can increase your knowledge incrementally and move toward expertise (all on your own) with limited risk or mindfulness of risk management.

A guide doesn’t hurt. Yet there does come a time and point when you have to feel confident enough about yourself and sure enough about yourself to take a step forward and build your experience even if everyone around you is telling you that you shouldn’t and it isn’t a good idea.

Try to increase your knowledge and experience when:

1. You are not exhausted.
2. When you have analyzed as many parameters of a situation as possible.
3. When you feel no other alternative may be left.
4. When no one else believes in you.
5. When no one else wants you to succeed.
6. When someone is demanding you to be submissive, subordinate or subservient with no rational or evidence based grounds.

The right accident teaches your something but you have to analyze the right accident carefully as it happens.
And ask yourself ‘How come’?
Scratch your noodle.
Tip your cap up to the sky.
Learn from the mistake and take another step toward the realm of expertise.

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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