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Backed Into A Corner

It doesn’t feel good to be cornered.
It’s unsettling.

I’m sure there are lots of reasons it happens.
Some good, some bad and some unexplainable.

I think some people are content with everything they don’t have.
I may be one of those people.
I still don’t know yet.

Screaming matches are uncomfortable.
How do you diffuse a screaming match when one of the people involved doesn’t want it diffused? Answer that one for me and I’m all ears.

Did you ever consider some people are afraid of how intensely they will yell if pushed to a certain point and so they avoid, on purpose?
There is a very good reason I avoid screaming matches and yelling and it definitely isn’t for my well-being.
I think it’s important to be thoughtful aboot how aggressively you go after someone.

We’re all sensitive. Very sensitive.
I don’t have a problem with seeing your colors. After you show them to me, I may have to open a door and leave to go outside.

Stop threatening to call the police. You instigated the fight and I’m already leaving.
If you pursue me after that, you are taking a very big gamble.

I don’t need to say it,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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