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Is This All In My Head?

Good Morning…
It isn’t morning yet, yet a person I spent time with some time ago liked to joke about the arbitrariness of what time it is during the day and how we should greet each other.
It was one of his most annoying habits and I loved him for it.

“How are ya doin’ Sir?” He’d say in the sweetest tone I’ve ever heard.
I’m doing fine, Keith.
Isn’t time for us to have another Bud Light together?
Did you get Anheuser-Busch? No, I certainly did not.

Don’t really want to hang out in a mansion either.

Then I look at you, closely and carefully with as much compassion as I can and I feel my heart swell.
I’m a light-year away from you and I still don’t know if I can or cannot feel you, spiritually.
Sometimes I think I feel you and then sometimes I wonder if I conjure all of this in my head.

I try to reach out, I do.

You just want that thing to explode do you?
Mission accomplished.
It explodes every day.
And every day I grow a little bit stronger.

Not a single one is for me,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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