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It’s No Use

Well, gallivanting around making a huge spectacular of ourselves certainly is at a premium these days isn’t it?
All dressed up to the 9 soaking up enough attention to emotionally nurture a small city.

And all of us every day folk just meander around with our heads down, haphazardly and less popularly going through our days.

Sometimes I just kick me feet at the ground, scorch some pebbles and then stare curiously at the sky “I want to know what I did”? I want to know.
More accurately, what didn’t I do?

And then after I get over all that with some careful and deliberate thinking I take a deep cleansing breath and say “Ok, what to do next”?
And then, for the moments moving forward, I’m all better again.

Maybe one day I won’t,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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