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How Dare You!

Don’t make me call Craig Elliot.
Some know his as Amitahba (the seer and giver of infinite light).

He once told me, as we made music, that he was here from the mother-ship or another planet to abduct me.
To this day I took him very seriously and I still say he’s not from here.
Dude’s an audiophile to the hilt and very health conscious.
He said something to me about moving to a beach house in the next couple of years.

There’s this really cool song I wrote that I want to work on with a producer just for fun to see how it goes. It starts with:

The fire’s burnin’ in your eyes.
On this starry night.
So let’s drink some wine, leave our pasts behind.
Let down your flowing hair. Come on, say it, life’s not fair.

The song is mostly complete on a rudimentary basis and has a very nice and gentle chord progression. The chorus is your standard, Bm, A, E with a modified E (with F#) before beginning the next verse.

Do you know how long I was in the fetal position for?

I’m going to have to go get the apricot jam spread for that one.
You know it’s the grape juice don’t you?

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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