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Is That The Intro To The Y & R?


Let’s add to the archive:

(10) – D note.
(8)- G note.
(12)- G note.
(10) – C note.
(0) – only if you want to.

Maybe just a bit of light strumming for this chord eh?

Then a bit of riffing:

(0) 15(b^), 12(b^), 12(b^)—s-down(10)—-slide down(8)
(0) 12, 14,
(0) 14,


(0) 15, 12
(0) 12,
(0) 5 (slide with index all the way to 12) – 12
(0) 7,

It all kind of jives together when you let your mind absorb it and hear it.

Sorry, we need to find a setting or function that adapts or allows for soloing tablature to be written on WordPress.
Is there an App for that?
I’m sure you audiophiles won’t have any issues with it.

Where the heck did the coffee go?

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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