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Jazz, Blues, Blahhhhhh…

I got a coffee headache.
It’s one of those good bad ones.

I’m going to do something I don’t want to do; share a idea (s) in the Key of F.
When I fiddle around in the Key of F, something ain’t right.
Nonetheless, it’s a 3-4 chord progression that moves through a nice spectrum of emotions.

Try to start with a modified F-chord:
(1) – F
(1) – C
(0) – muted
(3) – F

Pick the 4th string F one time and then stroke up the other F,C a couple times. It’s sets the sombre tone nicely. Then drop the ring finger F to an open D and hammer on the A-note on the 3rd string (play open D and A together).

This progression brings you right back up. Couple downward strokes on the D,A and then a couple upward on the F,C. It’s very pretty and opens up the possibilities of life. Then I like to drop it right back down again to the emptiest kind of sound.

(0)-A (only if you want to).
This really brings the mood right back down. Kind of like “Oh God…I just want this to be over”. Sure, add the ring finger to complete the major-C if you’d like and then back a half-step on the 5th string back to the B-note (to slightly mimic Strange Days). Then, however, bring the mood right back up by going back to the original F on the 4th string.

It’s a quite simple and nice 3-4 chord progression.
Thought you might like it, even if it’s in the dreadful yet elegant Key of F.

Oh Lordy, time to open the fridge to see what Aunt Roberta made. For the love of God Aunt Bert, the casserole is dry. I’ll have to make the spaghetti and meatballs!

Somberly yours in the Key of F,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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