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Here’s A Melody…It’s Even Softer.

Stretch those fingers. This one hurts. The sound though, can’t be compromised.

It’s a 4-string chord (all fingers depressed on the fret board), playing with the pinky finger again. It’s a simple one-step backward movement with the pinky.

Put your middle finger on the 4th string (14th fret), E-note. Index finger on the 3rd string (12th fret), G-note. Ring finger on the 2nd string (15th fret) – D note. And the pinky finger on the 1st string (17th fret), B-note.

Here’s how I believe the melody should progress (single pick for each note in succession). Feel free to do what you want with it:

14 (E), 12 (G), 15 (D), 17 (B), 15 (D), 17 (B), 17 (B), 12 (G), 17 (B).
Drop the pinky one whole step to (A) – 15th fret to continue the melody.
14 (E), 12 (G), 15 (D), 15 (A), 15 (D), 15 (A), 15 (A), 12 (G), 15 (A).
This riff is more than enough to build an entire song around. Use it as you see fit and how you want to build the strong. It’s a very strong foundation and will, I believe, please and entertain your ear.
If you want add this for complexity or timbre (close to overkill yet not so).
Shift the conventional D-chord in the standard position up 12 frets (with open 4th string – D).
O (D), 14 (A), 15 (D), 14 (F#), 15 (D), 14 (F#), 14 (F#), 14 (A), 14 (F#)
One more riff to complete the lullaby (drop the ring finger and use the index 1 full step down the 1st string).
O (D), 14 (A), 15 (D), 12 (E), 15 (D), 12 (E), 12 (E), 15 (D), 12 (E).

And repeat back to the 1st riff. Make it as simple or complex as you want. Drop some of it or add something to it.
It’s all good for the ear, the mind and your spirit.
And my lullaby to you if you need a lullaby.

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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