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I Can’t Put It Down…

The guitar that is.

Are you ready for you hand to ache?

I am.
Bar (no not the local watering hole) the 5th fret with your index finger, leave the 6th string open and don’t play it. At the exact same time you bar the entire 5th fret (minus the 6th string), place your pinky on the 7th fret, 2nd string and your ring finger on the 7th fret, 3rd string (at the same time). Strum the entire chord, full. Just one downward stroke and then another and then in 1/8’s; however you want to play. Hold your hand in that position until it turns to concrete on you want to cry. Then drop the pinky, only with the ring finger left on. Strum it out and let it ring. Just drop that pinky off the 7th fret and add it on. It’s unmistakable.

Now here’s the hard part. And it’s only half way to the real soft spot. After you play with it for a while (those 2 chord positions), we’ll need to do some plucking. Go to the B-note on the 6th string (7th fret). Pluck it. Then go to the D-note on the 5th string (5th fret). Pluck it. Then go to the A-note on the 4th string (7th fret). Pluck it. Make those 3 successive plucks (or picks), then add the pinky finger to the 7th fret (3rd string). Play it as a 4-string chord and leave the E and B open on the bottom 2 strings. Strum out all 6.

I don’t know the name of this chord but it’s a beautiful one. And it gets me every time.
You may need to inject your hand with some morphine but don’t fret the recovery time for learning how to hold this chord isn’t too bad.

I’m sorry I don’t know the names of these chords. I have listed the finger positions and how to sound each one out. I sincerely hope you may find some value and peace in each one.

It’s the softest I know how to be. And it’s only half way there. No wait, it’s not even close to half-way there. It’s a start though and we need to start somewhere and get off on the right foot.

There’s too many chords aren’t there?

Be good to your fingers.

Hum-drum, I like to strum, searching for bread-crumb and a glass of rum,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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