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I remember you, Marilyn.

You arrived fashionably late for lunch and I was slightly annoyed. Maybe you were very busy that day, I don’t know. I was still a very young age at that time so I guess time was not yet a precious resource or commodity.

We had a nice lunch together, you ate a much healthier meal than I and preferred not to consume alcoholic beverages. A nice mix of roast beef, greens and and what not. A meal fit for a health conscious woman.

You talked about your family background and family life and what it was like to grow up in the one of the Great Lake States. Heck, you might as well have grown up in the Hinterlands of the Great White North. They all act the same as us in that state anyway. Friendly, warm, welcoming. A community of people all doing their best to work together and not freeze to death.

I remember you mentioning the biggest challenge you faced as a young woman was the fight to be heard and have a voice in the midst of a strong male presence. I’m not sure if you said that you had the be quieter than a mouse in such a family environment, but do remember you saying that you had to learn a ton of new skills to survive, keep your family alive and keep your family together during the toughest of times.

Times are foggy, but these are some of the words I remember you speaking.

You suggested, toward the end of our lunch, that I consider brushing up my computer technology skills at a local college. I never did enroll at that college for a computer technology course but rest assured I did take steps later in life to learn important computer skills, both hardware and software. And, I am certain that you did have an influence on my investing the necessary energy to learn some of those very important skills. In essence, you motivated me to focus on becoming a better and stronger self by laying down the gauntlet or issuing a challenge.

I don’t know how we said good-bye that day, yet remember walking out the door with positive feelings bouncing around in my head.

I remember you, Marilyn.

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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