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I remember you Bill.

You walked with a quiet wisdom.

Starry Night.

You were off the Florida; things may have been looking up for you there.

You had the kindest way about you. I would walk in always asking “Bill, what are we doing today?” And you’d undoubtedly and consistently reply “Well Sir, today we got to work with 2 separate groups that need our help and support”.

Welcome to the Lion’s Den Sir, you’d say. Our private conversations were always awkward – we could both feel where each other was – there wasn’t anything to say yet we still managed to create conversation.

We talked about feelings and how to best understand them, in particular; Anger.

It still rings in my ears; Sir “Anger is a message from myself, to myself and about myself”.

The key to understanding your feelings Sir you’d say; is to take ownership for them. Even if the feelings in you are boiling as a result of emotional transference from others you have still got to own them. This is how you avoid trouble and stay out of trouble.

Ronny, Welcome back Sir – you’re reenrolled for another 52 weeks,

Matthew Polkinghorne


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