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I have always been faithful to women. It’s a part of who I am and what I do. It’s nothing I fancy myself to brag about yet I do hold this personal quality in high esteem.

Many women have influenced my life and how I live it. Some of these influences have been negative, some positive, and some mixed.

I will never speak to you about the bizarre relationship I have with my mother. It’s beyond weird and it is impossible to quantify with words. Let’s just say I have reached a point of acceptance – were both human beings and we both have our respective views of the world.

My first serious relationship with a woman was a crash and burn. To put it simply, I was a moronic teenager with the brain power of a chimp. My presence in the relationship served a purpose and function – that’s about it.

My second serious relationship with a woman was a catastrophe (early twenties possessing the graduated intelligence of an orangutan). Again, my presence in the relationship served a purpose and a function – that’s about it.

Since then, things have been on the up and up. My levels of idiocy have reduced and that’s good.

The point is that I love and respect women.

I am also an extremely forgiving person.

 I’m not an expert in the field of apologetics, but I’ll tell you, it’s starting to feel that way.

If you are not a forgiving person and prone to hold grudges, I seriously suggest that you begin to take ownership for your own actions and attempt to unearth why you don’t respect men.

If you think you need an apology from me (where me = anyone or everyone), you are likely seeking an apology from him (where him = a specific individual).

I don’t know the what’s and how’s, but I certainly am aware of many of the why’s.

What do you think? Is the current state of the economy a direct reflection of how men and women interact with each other?

I still love and respect women,

Matthew Polkinghorne

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