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100 Shades of Ridiculous

Sometimes I get lost in the randomness of personal thoughts. I can drive my mind to the verge of insanity in the snap of a finger and restore it to iron-clad aegis just as fast.

I think about the gambling expert who teaches people how to gamble on T.V. while they sit in their hotel room and ponder what to do next; and I wonder Рhow did this person come to be an authority on playing the odds? I think about how I listened to and viewed  all of the various gambling strategies and laugh myself into stitches after hearing the statistical probabilities, likely outcomes, and catchy one-liners that get people jumping off their seats and chewing on their fingernails.

I think about the word {without} and feel how it translates into the creative sound of diminished chords and melodies. I think about how the taste of the right alcohol enhances fullness of individual tones and the pleasant ache of hollow chords. Alcohol has this seeming effect of slowing the mind to point out where the aches are in the body; where the internal tension distends and resides.

And I can feel how there are many times when I think too much and I be too little and resolve that I need to accept that this is a segment of time and only natural.

I only now see one image; a constructed dam that allows a giant basin of water to fill up behind it. The water is slowly filling up in the basin and this is the fun part for all of you creative existentialists out there (everyone really). And there is that river down below after the dam. It has a slow current with a beam of sunshine that creates a golden sheath of glass.

There’s a pine tree that juts out of a rock surface at a forty-five degree angle. It overhangs the water, creates a shadow, and a place to not be scorched by the sun.

As I said, 100 shades of ridiculous. Rational.

Matthew Polkinghorne

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