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I Wish I

I wish I was an artist, then I could turn intense feeling into something unforgettable.

I wish I was a professional athlete, then I could feel the cheap projection of rampant desire.

I wish I was religious, then I could think that there is something bigger than me out there.

I wish I was industrious, then I could hang out with Howard Hughes.

I wish I had ADHD, then I could know what it means to be hyper-intelligent and ravenous.  

I wish I didn’t have this needling in my head, then coffee wouldn’t make my head feel like a 2 ton pump.

I wish I could string together beautiful sentences of positivity, then more people might like me.

I wish I was more like you, then more of me could disappear.

I wish I was more technical, then I’d be less afflicted by the provocation of what an artist thrives on.

I wish I was a nomad, then I’d be family with 1 billion people across the globe.

I wish I didn’t wish, then I could be happy with the current state of my life.


Matthew Polkinghorne

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