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Irrational Acceleration (Part 3): Stop All The Traffic Jams

I’ll cut to the chase. This is the 3rd part of my argument for traffic jams, human emotion, and irrational acceleration.

The 3rd part of my argument is irrational; it contains no logic and is completely unreasonable as compared to the last 2 entries. It appeals to the human side of all of us through song;

Matthew Good – Fated.

The song and words present in an unusual format. This does not mean that you cannot understand the meaning and feeling of the song. Maybe I just like how the phrase ‘stop all the traffic jams’ gets sung during the course. And maybe my subconscious was somehow searching for this song to finalize my argument within a completely humanistic context.

We all have bad days. This song accentuates, for some people, what the absolute worst day of your life can feel like.

As much as I feel like I am reaching for something that is not there; and the three segments of this idea are likely preposterous. I would still maintain that irrational acceleration (traffic jams and human emotion) is a formidable human problem that may need to be solved in the future.

Are you convinced by the segments of my arguments? Do you think it is time for traffic jams to be solved with new technology? Do you think it would be neat if an on-board computerized voice interface system was activated (to talk with you) when another system calculated that you are/were in a traffic jam and a built-in safety feature system placed a maximum threshold on acceleration (threshold on maximum velocity really)¬†of your motor vehicle until it is determined that your vehicle’s velocity has averaged above a minimum velocity in a given time interval?

Drive safe,

Matthew Polkinghorne

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