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Every Once In A While, Eat The Warm Cookies: Share Them Too

Now I am not just referring to those people who have the luxury and privilege of flying 1st class. Warm cookies can be had almost anywhere, particularly at a local confectioner. Warm cookies (ice cream too), however, do tend to be served up when one has the ability to fly 1st class.

But why should a person eat the warm cookies every once in a while? To be honest, the idea sprung out of the fact that some people will refuse to eat the warm cookies while flying 1st class. That is, a small percentage of people will never eat the warm cookies no matter how many times they are served up. Sure, the individual who refuses to eat the warm cookies may well be watching their weight or figure. And maybe a very small percentage of people have a food allergy that prohibits them from eating the warm cookies.

Yet, the title of this entry suggests that even if you are a stubborn old goat that vehemently refuses to eat the warm cookies, you should still decide, every once in a while, to eat the warm cookies. Continuous refusal to eat the warm cookies suggests that you are the type of individual who cannot sacrifice any time to smell the roses or appreciate the view. In other words, you may only experience pleasure in the challenge of the climb. The thrill or enjoyment only comes from the doing; not the being. Being is lame. Or so it would seem if you refuse to eat the warm cookies.

So a person may conclude that eating the warm cookies means you have the ability to enjoy the view – a quality most people seek to see in another.

 It is important also, to appreciate why some people refuse to eat the warm cookies. Failing to appreciate that some people see warm-cookie eating behavior as pure weakness, is simultaneously a failure to acknowledge where some people come from. Not everyone grew up with tile backsplashes and granite counter tops. In fact, almost everybody did not grow up with such lavishness and luxury. Many people had to bear it out tooth, grit, and knuckle before a warm cookie was ever put on their plate. Because of this reality, you could postulate that some people, because of their beginnings, probably loathe the sight of a warm cookie (overconsumption of warm cookies only adds up to the prospects of more hard times).

Granite countertops of not, every once in a while you should eat the warm cookies. Enjoy the view. Smell the roses. Roast the beef. Cut the cheese. Drink the drink.

In an age where everyone talks and buzzes about sharing, be a role model and start with yourself; share your warm cookies – even if you had to work harder for them. And every time you feel bitter and resentful toward those who did not have to work as hard as you did for your warm cookies, ask yourself this very powerful question;

Who cut the cheese?,  

Matthew Polkinghorne

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