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Too Much Fluff Not Enough Technical?: Appreciate & Respect The Fluff

Ok then. Anyone up for some technicalities?

A car needs some fixing; power-steering fluid flush, front disc brake replacement and your basic lube, oil, and filter. No back drum brake replacement this time around. Sure, rotors wear out; that steel can sure become thin after 3 brake jobs. 3 brake jobs and the rotors need replacing.

What about electronics? Surface mount technology sounds like a complicated beast doesn’t it? Current. Voltage. Resistance. Short-circuit. Blow a fuse. Transistors. Resistors. Diodes. Capacitors. Conductors. Semi-conductors. Superconductors. It takes a lot of components to make an electronic brain work.

Speaking of brain work. What about human brain work? Have you heard of prosopagnosia? How well do you recognize human faces? Which set of neurons aren’t working together properly if your ability to recognize human faces has all of the sudden become distorted and blurry? Have you exercised your memory and curiosity to know the 12 cranial nerves? Optic. Trigeminal. Olfactory. Auditory. What about the other 8? Will you take the time to contemplate?

Does your head hurt? My doesn’t. So what? More than 95% of people aren’t technical.

Hence I appreciate and respect the so-called fluff of it all. The so-called fluff is what makes our world spin round. The so-called fluff is what creates fun for all.

Part of the problem is, too many technical people are misunderstood as not fun. What a shame. Technical people can sometimes be the most fun. So don’t piss em’ off, that’s when things become undone.

Nonetheless, 95% is a large percentage. Appreciation and respect, then, are inarguably imperative for all and any human interaction. Unless, of course, you are a driver and creator of human tension; then appreciation and respect may occur on a more intermittent basis for you.

Nothing wrong with an occasional dose of cynicism. Nothing wrong with it at all.

Matthew Polkinghorne

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