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The Day I Walked Into Your Soul

November 12th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today was the day that I walked into your soul. I walked in because there was a window. I looked inside and I immediately saw your momentary glance of disdain. It was only for an instant, yet it was there. Maybe it was my appearance. Maybe it was the manner in which I carried myself. Whatever it was, I felt the piercing beam of energy from your eyes.

                In an instant, I forgave you. I didn’t give it a second thought. I have seen that piercing beam of energy for the better part of my life. For the most part, nothing changes. The steady faltering of our mammalian brains trips us up every time. What delightful creatures we would be if rationality reigned supreme. How delightful indeed.

                You see, I speak the words said in private 24 hours ago. I know what you are thinking before you said it and I know what you thinking after you said it. I said it because you said it. You said it because I said it. We said it together and felt an awkward moment. We have been timing the pauses and breaks between each other’s sentences for too long. You see a word, you like its sound, and you overlap in your work as a spiritual compliment. Just as I do with you. It is a mutual understanding – a kinship in some distorted and memorable sense of reality.

                I also saw that look you gave in the library. You thought I had checked-out of the engagement. I walked away and proceeded up the stairs. In the corner of my eye I saw your nasty glare. Drive your Porsche into a post – you want my dreams to go up in smoke.

                Yes, you want my dreams, terrifying as they may be – pick me up and kick me onto the street. There is a joy in snipping sequential words out of sentences – it is the light that reveals the emotional state of human psyche. And, psyches…psyches (sigh-keys) are for analysts.

Matthew Polkinghorne

Disclaimer: I gingerly sipped on vile scotch while creating this literary monstrosity. It was blended scotch (half iron and half lead). Not my favorite, but you get the idea.

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