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Lead, Lead, Lead: Leadership Books

I recently heard a highly prosperous businessperson utter the phrase “Oh no, not another leadership book!” The uttered words kind of caught me off guard in the sense that I questioned in response in my own head “What would be wrong with another leadership book?”

                Has the topic of leadership gone so stale that people are starting to cringe at the idea of another publication release on leadership? Is this topic just being overdone to the point of creating nauseam for the everyday manager and employee?

                I don’t think so. Maybe hundreds to thousands of recent leadership book releases have just had dull titles and boring conceptual concepts.

                But yet the statement is a bit unsettling, especially for up and coming authors who think they got the next best book idea for the field of leadership. It makes an aspiring author wonder if their vested time will be thrown to the wayside and their ideas passed by like the casual observance of a mind-numbing freeway mileage destination sign.

                I, for one, thoroughly enjoy writing and reading about leadership. The topic of leadership often sheds light on a lot of frustrating and hard-to-figure-out human interactive behaviors, particularly the ones that are negative and destructive – leaving a person with a craving for ginger.

                If, however, there are credible rumblings amongst public voice that the topic of leadership has been written about every which way from center, rest assured that this writer has got a few topic tricks up his sleeves that are most certainly guaranteed to enliven to mind and spirit of avid, coffee consuming readers.

                What are your thoughts? Is the topic of leadership next on the chopping block?

Matthew Polkinghorne

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