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10 Reasons Why I Love Cooking For My Wife

This may seem like a bit of a spoofy subject, but I think it is quite important. Throughout the last several years, cooking for my wife been has brought her a lot of joy (me too). Here’s are the 10 reasons why;

1.       It lets her know I genuinely care about doing things for her.

2.       It lets her know that I respect what she does for a living.

3.       I like surprising her with new cooking ideas.

4.       It really helps the overall situation when we are entertaining friends.

5.       I can cook on-demand (i.e. – when she has a specific dish request).

6.       I can whip something special together on a special occasion (i.e. – birthdays, anniversaries, and mother’s day).

7.       I love seeing the look on her face when I have made something very tasty.

8.       I love hearing her say ‘honey, you’ve outdone yourself again’.

9.       If I cook us dinner, she will always clean up afterwards so I don’t have to do it.

10.   **Most importantly – it helps build intimacy and respect in our relationship.

The 10 reasons just listed are just a brief glance as to why I love cooking for my wife. This list is not exhaustive and there are many other reasons that have been forgotten.

                Besides why I love cooking for my wife, the activity of cooking actually brings me a lot of joy. One of my favorite dishes to make is chicken stir fry. The chicken stir fry I like to make has many savory ingredients; peanut oil, soya sauce, thyme, oregano, sesame seeds, chicken spice, and, of course, a slew of scrumptious veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, red peppers, and yellow peppers).

                Now I can’t give all of my delicious recipes away, but I’d love to hear what you cook for your wife, partner, or significant other. Do you cook for the one you love? Or, do you refrain from such activities because you feel that they might be beneath you?

                I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, suggestions, or questions.

Matthew Polkinghorne

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