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The ‘Sluggish Sloucher’: Postural Styles That May Indicate Arrogance

When we think of someone who is said to be sluggish, we also tend to think of someone who does not move very fast. For most of us who have taken a healthy and rejuvenating stroll in the greenness of nature, this belief can be verified by observing a slug slither along the side of rotted log in a very methodical and taxingly slow manner. A person may rather decide to watch paint dry than observe a creamy-brown creature leave a gooey and messy trail behind itself. By the same token, when we think of someone who slouches, we also tend to picture a person hunched down into the crevices of a sofa or sitting half-hearted in a dining room chair. Basically the ‘sluggish sloucher’ is someone who is a cross between a slug on a log and a couch potato.

            Now, let’s make some sense of this in relation to arrogant behavior. Let’s say that a person opens the front door of their home after a long day of work. They then proceed to walk toward the kitchen and put their wallet on the island in the center of the kitchen. While on their way there, the person notices their significant other despondently sitting in the crooks of the sofa. The partner who entered the home sees this rather despondent behavior and approaches their mate to initiate a conversation. All efforts to initiate a dialogue are met with bland and half-hearted ‘yeah’, ‘uh-huh’, ‘mmm-hmm’ and so on. The lackluster verbal responses are also accompanied by very minute downward lip movements at the corner of the mouth that say ‘yeah, whatever, O.K., so what, shut up, next, I’m bored’.

            After a few more attempts to initiate a lively dialogue, the disinterested mate sinks even lower into the sofa and depressingly rests one of the cheeks of their face on their fist – the look that says “look, I’ve been wallowing in self-pity for a few hours now and feelings of personal defeat have completely permeated throughout my entire being. I’d be better off in a box six feet under the ground nestled in soil with hungry worms.” Needless to say, in this example the spirited attempts made by the vigorous mate fell woefully short and were unsuccessful.

            Sometimes, when these kind of interactions happen between two or more people (whether they are mates or not), the messages that are being conveyed by the disengaged person can be interpreted in multiple ways. The interpretation that is important to us in this instance is that of and arrogant one. Someone who sluggishly slouches in their chair while conveying ‘leave me alone’ body language can easily project behavior that may be interpreted as arrogant by the receiver of the message(s). Often times, someone who is slouching on the sofa in front of the T.V. thinks they have it all figured out and have nothing to learn and would rather ingest hours of mindless garbage from the television set rather than having a respectful interaction with another human being.

            Usually these 2 behaviors (sluggishness and slouching) need to be seen together to indicate individual expressions of arrogance and a lack of respect. However, let’s not jump to any rash conclusions. These 2 behaviors can also indicate that a person is down in the dumps or down on their luck. Still though, paired together these 2 behaviors may often give way to an arrogant attitudinal style that is disinterested and dishearteningly disdainful by nature. Don’t over think this possible behavior, just consider it a possibility.

Have you ever met up with the arrogant style known as the sluggish sloucher?

Drop me a line if you find the time.

Matthew Polkinghorne

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