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Leadership 24/7: 6 Core Values To Adhere By

An single person, by their self, is fascinating at the least. Two people, interacting together, is beyond fascinating. Two or more people, the dynamics of group interaction, is enough to keep even the most inquisitive of minds riddled and busy with questions of study for eons and eons of time.

            One person on their own will have to find a way to survive in their environment. Two people may decide to join forces or remain apart, and the coming together of two people may or may not increase their chances of survival in an unpredictable environment. Whatever two people decide to do in an attempt to survive is intertwined with various variables in the environment that may hinder or help their situation (i.e. – remaining apart may enhance possibility of survival or it may reduce possibility of survival). Typically though, because of  ‘natural togetherness tendencies’, people huddle together in an effort to face the elements.

            In a globally competitive world, one with numerous industries, technologies, and services, the formation of alliances between people is becoming increasingly complex and some may say, tense.

            In any gathering of people, any group dynamic, an individual will emerge and suggest a course of action that keeps the well-being and preservation of all people in mind. In a fiercely competitive global world, a person who is successfully able to establish their self as a leader (seeing the next step and keeping the well-being of all individuals in mind), will be pressed to maintain their role while continuously executing competent actions 24/7. There will not be much time for mistakes and excuses, only the finest of behaviors – both individual and interactive.

As a result, here are 6 cores values to adhere by if you want to lead the pack and stay at the top of the pyramid;

1. Exquisitely Effective Communication – a way of interacting that is almost flawless.

2. Tactfulness – sensitivity to the thoughts and feelings of fellow people’s (demonstration of meaningful interaction).

3. A Specific Skillset – an ability that defines your usefulness and contribution (a tangible ability that is measurable).

4. Openness to Obscurity – a willingness to address that which may sound absurd (consideration of all ideas).

5. Intermittent Isolation – an ability to shut out the outside world and be creative alone (the nuts and bolts of it all).

6. Teamwork Tendencies – a willingness and readiness to happily work and be with the team (all aboard)!

            Adhere to these core values and you may begin to emerge as the 24/7 leader. Round the clock you will elicit all of the behaviors that are expected of you.

            We may have never thought it would come down to being like a 7/11. 24/7 leadership is no easy task. Time to saddle up and be a leader ‘all of the time’.

            168x60x60. Wow! That is thousands and thousands of seconds of leadership. Time to pick it up a notch!

Tick, tick, tock (talk).

Matthew Polkinghorne 

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