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Running The Streets of Del Mar & Dallas Green

When I ran the streets and beaches of Del Mar I really now, looking back, see myself as a child. So unaware of so many of the things that were actually going on and happening. Big business in the U.S., greed, corruption and the collusion of massive forces to spell my ultimate doom or demise. There were so many people that were not on my side and so many people that wanted to see me fail.

Although I did have the support of many, my ultimate conclusion was to be that of failure. And maybe for that, in some strange way, I am on a special quest to redeem or bring life back to those that no longer feel life in their being.

Running the streets and beaches of Del Mar did something so unforgettable to my soul. There are memories of the streets and beaches that are permanently ingrained in me. The sunshine, the sky, the sidewalk. All the eateries, the clothing shops, the streetlights. Breathing the air and seeing the people. It is like someone placed me in a perfect dream and I lived in that dream for years.

And then I connect all this thought and memory to Dallas Green & City and Colour. The song “Like Knives” rings so true for me. If you have a moment maybe you will visit this song and this singer and bask in his brilliance with me. And who knows, maybe you’ll send me a message and share some of your thoughts with me about the music or anything else you may want to talk about.

Del Mar is forever with me. It energizes me when I feel my worst. Alone in this life. Miserable. Divorced. Separated from my daughter. There are so many reasons for me not to carry on but then I think about Del Mar and the streets. The beaches. It is forever my dream and a dream I cannot escape.

It’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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