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I Pretend You’re With Me

There’s just the highway now. The pavement. The trees and the wind blowing. Cars racing by and slowing down at different speeds. I think about you if you were with me; your beautiful big smile, your hair…your eyes. I think about us laughing and talking. What we talk about doesn’t matter we just find different things to chat about and the time goes by.

If we were together, how would our life evolve? Would we even make it through one date or would you say in the middle of dinner that you can’t possibly stand me and life with me is not imaginable? Or would you stay with me and laugh at my pointless and silly jokes and casual musings that probably don’t mean much of anything?

I often wonder about that. Our compatibility. I know you have to be the funny one and I need to laugh at your jokes. Besides, I’m not funny anymore and I should listen. Or so you would say.

And so I sit here on this computer at 2:00am and try to think of one more meaningful thing to say.

And then I realize that there’s not really much I can say. In fact, there’s nothing I can say to you.

So I should be sad but right now I’m not.

Ever wanted to cry but then quickly realized you just can’t?
It’s starting to happen to me more and more often.

And then for no apparent reason they just fill.

It’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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