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Driving The Streets of Downtown Brantford, Ontario

I’m in my car, driving, and I’m on the streets of downtown Brantford. I look over to the adjacent sidewalk and there is a middle-aged man walking. He is mildly unshaven. He looks confused and disheveled and he is reasonably overweight. As I’m waiting at the traffic light I see him wander toward the back of a rickety building that has a wooden staircase up to a back facing apartment. He walks by the wooden staircase and keeps on walking toward some beaten down shrubbery and bushes. The traffic light turns and I get to go on my marry way in my car.

I think for a moment “I wonder what his life must be like and he does not look well”. I shake my head “This is not right and life is not fair”.

My eyes water a little bit and I think in my head “I am lucky…”

It’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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