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I Think It’s The Innocence

It must be our children’s beautiful smiles and warm eyes that melt our hearts. Yes, we remain protective but I think it sort of drops our guard a little bit. I know when I think of my daughter’s beautiful smile and big blue eyes it softens me and makes me feel like more of a human being than anything else. In this way, I think it’s the innocence that does it to us.

As we age and become older we somehow turn into these well-trained lying machines. At any cost, we learn to shield our feelings and never reveal who we really or actually are. No self-disclosure, no trust; just a zero-sum game where we slowly try to whittle or break each other down into a submissive position. That’s right, this ultimately means no sharing as well.

Unfortunately, as my thoughts unwind here, I see a sadistic world. Perhaps my perception is convoluted and I don’t see the world as it really is but for some reason(s) this is my sentiment. Maybe life experience has dealt me this hand and left me with this perception?! In a way, it doesn’t really matter – I am one in a sea of billions and my contribution is limited and may never be felt.

But I resolve to move forward believing that this life is one worth living.
I don’t know what is around the next corner and I see the importance of trying to be optimistic.
I look for the innocence; it softens me.

It’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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