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Everyone’s An Expert

It is becoming clearer and clearer that no matter where you go and who you talk with everyone is an expert. Fewer and fewer people seem to have the inclination to ask questions of other people to figure out what is in their mind or on their mind. Even those with a paucity of a formal education seem to have an informed opinion on just about any topic.

Now this may not come as a shock with all of the social media devices and the explosion of information sharing. Wherever you surf on the internet there is a website that is going to tell you something new about any given topic. Information is readily at your disposal and everyone is a student even if they’re not enrolled at an institution. Everyone is up to date with the latest news and can carry on a conversation at length about anything.

But where does this leave us? Millions of people wandering around going about their day no longer willing to ask any questions of fellow human beings? Experts at every corner that can’t really give us any deep meaningful information about anything. So many of us just skimming the surface to pretend like we know what we are talking about without really caring about the important details.

It’s a new age and and a new era; that’s for sure. But yet even with this reality, most people seem to be walking around peacefully going about their day. At least this is my personal experience in suburbia Southern Ontario. Is this just the calm before the storm? Is everyone just in a phase where they have all their emotional interactive frustrations pent up and everyone’s just not saying anything? I don’t know. It’s hard to get a gauge on the social landscape when you have minimal interactions on a daily basis (i.e.- walking into the local coffee shop, walking into the local gym and going to the local grocery store). I’m really not part of any corporation so I’m unaware of how severe the corporate pressures are and how they effect families and society as a whole.

Sometimes the social landscape feels a little off and you begin to wonder how genuine people are, what they’re not telling you or what they’re withholding to prevent real conversation. As a result, everyone sticks to safe topics and we don’t really connect on any real level, especially romantically but that’s a whole other different can of worms.

Yet the fact remains, we all seem to now being sauntering around as brilliant experts on everything. No one can tell us anything anymore because we already know and we don’t want to hear it. Perhaps this is the new reality – we just don’t want to hear it because we already know because the internet or Google told us and we just don’t have time. The funny thing is though is that we do have time because all of us seem to be wasting it on the devices in our hand. Everyone just stares in a downward direction. It’s actually quite funny. We’re utterly addicted and we don’t care. A bunch of addicts walking around the streets thinking we know everything. It’s actually quite pathetic. When I can I’m going to encourage my daughter to put down her device and focus on her school work, music or something else that would be considered academic. I’m going to encourage her to soak up as much new information as possible because this will bolster neuroplasticity or the formation of new neural pathways.

Yes, I want my daughter’s future to be bright but I recognize that she may one day wander off the good path and indulge in behaviors that may or may not be detrimental to her life. But I would hope that somehow she one day becomes an expert in a given field and can share her thoughts and ideas with fellow people; whoever might be in her social net.

Then again, everyone it would seem is already an expert and we have to deal with this reality and realize that it is creating social problems and how we relate to each other. In essence, we may be unknowingly limiting ourselves and not setting our sights as high as they could be.

I encourage you to think on this topic and how you could potentially modify your interactive behavior(s).

It’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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  1. Julie
    February 2nd, 2017 at 00:06 | #1

    Interesting insights. I wonder how feelings of security, in yourself and what you know, are related to a willingness to ask questions … which, at times, can put you in a vulnerable-ish position. I think that curiosity and asking questions is key for learning and growth, good for you for fostering that in your daughter!

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