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America, Land Of The Ultra-Wealthy & The Poverty Stricken

I don’t think it can be any more starkly clear as it is today with respect to the growing gap and disparity between those that have and those that do not. We’re talking here about the divide between the ultra-wealthy and the impoverished in America. How do we expect this problem to go away when we have no viable solutions in sight?

The politicians, higher-ups and ruling class talk about the eventual redistribution of wealth and ‘hope’ for those that fight the continual battle of poverty and when that means every day they wake up and get out of bed. Violent crime, lack of accommodations, drugs at every corner, the list goes on and on and it isn’t getting any easier for those that are stuck under the thumb of the ruling class.

And then there is all this talk about new jobs and bringing the jobs back to America. What do they plan to do? The U.S. unemployment rate is already hovering in that perfect and time-tested zone of 5%. That supposedly is when the behemoth economy is operating at its optimal levels and really no more jobs are in sight. But somehow more unskilled workers are going to be hired above and beyond the 5% unemployment rate. How do poor people with no education and no skills fill these imaginary jobs? This is part of the reason as to why I have a problem with the Trump campaign. It doesn’t take into account planned obsolescence and the cyclical nature of employment. It gives false hope and there is something inherently wrong with that. I’m not saying give up before we even begin but there is something very shady about promising more jobs when there may very well be no more jobs in sight.

So will the rich just continue to get richer and not share in the bountiful spoils? I hesitate to say yes this will be the case because that will spell doom for so many others. There has to be a reason those that have less get out of bed in the morning. Sure, we all want to survive and have a roof over our heads. We all want to eat and try to sleep soundly. We all want to satisfy and maintain the basic necessities of life. There is so much we all want to achieve but how do we begin to reach for these goals when they seem so far away and possibly out of reach?

Do we just pick up the phone a call a wealthy person and their family to see if they will share with us freely without a trace of bitterness? Do we shed tears to a wealthy person in the hope that they will be merciful and take us under their wing? Or do we hold on tightly to our pride, bite our lip and go back to the mundane job that we don’t care about? I don’t profess to have all of the answers and I certainly don’t know what path to take here but there has got to be a way to increase our position, to increase our standing without diminishing the status of the wealthy person we may seek to resemble. Besides, why would a wealthy person ever want to part with any of their wealth to increase the standing of a poor person? Supposedly the wealthy person has worked very hard for what they have and the thought of parting with any of it is absolutely heart-wrenching.

And so the hoarding, mine-it’s-all-mine continues. They go to bed peacefully with all their stuff and don’t feel a trace of the guilt. The night is quiet. The night is still and tomorrow is another day for them to increase their wealthy standing and not really worry about what is happening in the life of a poor man, a poor woman or a poor family. The cycle never ends and the pressure to give back is always on the back of those that have more.

But where is the savior? Where is the solace? For the poor, supposedly salvation lies in the heavens and the heavens are theirs according to the traditions and words of the Presidential inauguration. But what are these speeches and words of wisdom really saying? Are the heavens the solace for the poor because they may or may not live? Is that what they’re really saying? If it is, I can’t say that I favor the heavens very much and I don’t want that brilliant pillar of light coming for me anytime soon. Some days because of my existential suffering I might pray that that pillar of light finds me but generally I am healed by the gift of creation and the relief that provides for all the suffering I feel I endure.

Nonetheless, the disparity remains. The daily grind an ever present reality. When will the tide turn? When will the wealthy give freely and offer to those that have less without worry that the money will be improperly used?

Are those that have less deserving? Are those that have less destined to live a life a poverty?

There are so many questions to ask and so little time to answer them.

I’m not sure if America has it right. Supposedly they are the greatest country of the free world and lead the free world. But the fact and reality remain, the disparity is great. Perhaps too great…

It’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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  1. Julie
    February 2nd, 2017 at 00:15 | #1

    This post got me thinking about shifting to a viewpoint of stewardship, what you “have” isn’t really yours, rather you take it on as a responsibility, to look after and share, to take care of for the betterment of the entire community (think Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). A related idea is a maximum wage.

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