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I Like Dogs. I Like Cats. I like Funny Looking Hats!

These lyrics coming from my 7 year old daughter as she writes her first mini song on her keyboard.
Her words, funny as they are, touch me and light up my life.

To see her express herself creatively is truly a wonder and I hope that she continues to express herself in this way. Who knows what continued dedication and hard work could do for her skill and craft.

But isn’t this one first mini song good enough? Yes, I think it is. If this is all she ever writes and wants to do on the keyboard I’d still be perfectly happy and proud as she doesn’t have to live up to any of my expectations. Not that I have any anyway but there is a small part of me that wants to see how far she can take it.

After all, I play the acoustic guitar and I write and play creatively too. So I guess there is a part of me that sees myself in my wonderful daughter. Funny how narcissism gets the better of us sometimes and wants us to propel our children forward.

When I listen to her song that was recorded via iPhone video it helps me to rise out of bed in the morning. It kickstarts my day as I feel the pride and sense of accomplishment beam through me. “By God!” I say to myself, if she has the energy and motivation to create this song it surely means that I can get out of bed this morning and put in another full day even if a part of me doesn’t want to. I’d rather lay in bed all day and ruminate about my life and perhaps a little bit about my death.

But the notes on her keyboard ingrain in my head and push me out of bed. I feel the deep crack in the front of my shoulder as I push myself out of bed. It feels that way because I just did a tough chest workout 2 days ago. I start walking and feel my spine adjust in many different places. I start walking a little faster and luckily today, again, everything feels relatively OK.

Then I think about my wonderful daughter again. She did it. She created a brief song on her keyboard and it filled her up with pride and a sense of accomplishment. If I have one hope it’s that that feeling continues to circulate through her being making her feel emotionally full inside.

I couldn’t be more proud.

It’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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