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Despite My Limitations

I will take on the day ahead of me.
I will believe that I can rise above and set the bar higher than yesterday.

I will forget about the one last Harrah! and believe that today is good enough and worth living.

I will believe in that my abilities are enough to get me through the day in a meaningful and worthwhile fashion.

Despite my limitation to love you I will try and dig deep and find a way to love you. Even if it goes against every fabric in my being I will try and find a way to forgive you and think that time with you is a good way to spend time and I won’t be missing out on anything else.

Despite my limitation to accept I will do my best to accept you and believe that the way you want to live life is a good way to live life. And that my way of living life is likely not the best way to live life.

Despite my limitations I will try and learn to love myself and begin to see myself as good enough even if I have been measured against my peers and deemed a failure.

Despite my limitations I will do my best to give my daughter as much as I can and to help her see the world as clearly as possible.

This much, I can begin to see as a starting point – a way of being.
I know I can work hard to not let myself down even if I want to give up and lay my hand down.

Despite my limitations I know I’d be lucky and it’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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