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It All Fades

Parting ways with your high school sweetheart.
Saying good-bye to the woman of your dreams.
Separation and divorce from your beloved wife.
Long periods of time apart from your daughter.

All these losses and evolution of life eventually fade from memory. The intensity of emotion associated with the memories also eventually fade. It’s not that you don’t care it’s just that you learn to cope and overcome the grief of the losses.

Would the magnitude of the losses make it easier to lie in bed all day with no motivation and drive to take on the day in front of you? In a word, yes. But perhaps you want more for yourself despite all of the losses. You still want to try and make something of yourself and make some sort of difference in the world.

Eventually, no matter how severe the loss, it all fades and all that is left is you, on your own. There is still time to figure things out and make sense of things.

If you ever want to talk, I know it’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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