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But I Want It To Be Mine

Possession. Possessiveness. We all want things to be ours. We like to collect.
We like to hold. We like to covet.

This is somewhat like ingestion. We are taking something in and it is becoming ours. It is becoming a part of us.
Not surprisingly, this may be a psychological variable as to why we also increase our food intake. We want the food to be ours. We want to consume it and it becomes a part of us. The more we have of it the better we feel. Perhaps pack rats are among the chubbiest of us all.

If it could only be mine I would feel better. I would feel psychologically better. I would feel whole and I would feel complete. If only I could eat that slice of pizza I would feel whole and I would feel better. Food intake may just be a matter of possessing something.

But I want it to be mine. Maybe it may be a better idea to discard something? If you can let go of something (an object), maybe you can also decrease your food intake and the need to consume and hold onto will diminish.

Possess. Eat. Possess. Eat. It is mine. I eat it.
Let go of. Abstain. Let go of. Abstain. It is not mine. I do not eat it.

The power of gluttony. We wrestle with it all of the time.
There is an upside to it not being yours. But if you like the spoils you like the spoils.
There is a delicate balance in all of this. Have you mastered it?

It’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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