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Time Does Heal

Do you remember when you were a teenager and thought you were madly in love? You thought you’d be with the person forever and you’d live your life happily ever after. Much to your chagrin though, the relationship dissolved and fizzled out. For you a long time you were probably heartbroken. You thought you’d never get over it.

But then you go on that drive down that old familiar road 15 years later and find that those intense emotional feelings have faded and don’t mean much to you anymore. Is this only maturity? Is it the deadening of feelings as we age? One way or the other we manage to move past the intense feelings that we thought meant so much to us.

And I believe, like many others do, that it’s the passing of time that does heal. This is nothing new. Nothing sensational. It’s a fact of life. The erosion of time puts everything in its place as we settle into new emotional and existential realms. We grow. We evolve. We begin to see things as they are and focus less on blaming as the resentment and bitterness tapers off.

Sometimes we experience spiritual rebirth. We see a new person in the mirror and we like that person. We may even admire and grow to love that person because we see a real representation of who we are not who we used to be.

I’m not suggesting that we become detached from our feelings and completely reject them. I’m just saying that our feelings are tempered over time and we begin to accept what has happened in our past. We can embrace our past while welcoming each new day as our future (even possibly a bright future).

When we live like this, we give ourselves a chance and have the opportunity for growth. I like the idea of growth. It suggests that we can transform into something more than we are.

As always, it’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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