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On Finding Happiness – Stuck

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Stuck. That is what I am today. I don’t feel like I have any new ideas. And I don’t feel like I have any new information to share. This is a disconcerting feeling. I just want to pull the new ideas out of thin air and share them with you but I can’t. Something far more complex is going on here and I have to find a way to work myself through it.

How often does getting stuck happen to you? What do you do when you are stuck? What does it mean to be “stuck”? These are some of the questions we ask to get unstuck.

First of all, what does it mean to be stuck? Does it simply mean that the individual is in quicksand and cannot move? Has the individual been bound in rope and handcuffs and cannot move? These are some of the graphic images that come to mind when we talk about being stuck. It is an unenviable place to be. Concern and worry tend to wash over us when this is happening. The well is dry. Where will the life-giving water come from now?

Do we have to look for a new source? If we do, how long will the search take? How much effort will be required to find and share a new source?

Will we have to make a dramatic change in our life such as re-enrolling in school in a different program to once again expand our knowledge? If we already have earned 3 degrees will we have to earn a 4th to attain the knowledge we need in order to share enough ideas?

These are all questions to consider when we think the well of knowledge may be drying up. Of course, re-enrolling in school is a huge investment and time commitment and requires much thought and deliberation before a decision can be made.

Then again, an individual may just be encountering a lull in creativity and may need some time to pass before the creative juices return. It may have nothing to do with enhancing one’s education and may only require additional research at the library or online to expand one’s knowledge in a significant way. Once this is done, an individual may forge on again sharing new information and backing it up with sources so as to avoid plagiarism. But it’s not as simple as a shortage in creativity or enrolling in a new school program. Something else may be going on. We may be tired in a spiritual way and feeling burned out. We may have lost our zest. Our gusto. Our verve. Our spiritual being may be completely drained and unready to carry on.

I think this is a big part of it. How strong we are feeling spiritually. If our spirit is drained and unready to carry on then how can we expect it to be ready to share new ideas and new thoughts in an inspiring way? How can we expect the very core of our being to exert output and deliver in a big way? The simple answer is – we can’t. We have to find a time and place to recharge our spiritual battery. The well isn’t necessarily dry. The spirit is tired. Bruised. Battered. Beaten up. Left for dead on the side of the street. It’s been kicked around when it’s down and its hair is all a mess with no idea of what to do next.

Our spirit is stuck, neglected, deprived. We have to find a way love it, nurture it and bring it back to life. We have to find a way to give it caressing strokes and hold it lovingly in our arms. In a way, our spirit is our child – we have to treat it with tenderness and great care. We have to shower it with praise and attention through each of its developmental stages; which is ongoing and never-ending by the way. We have to hold our spirit up on a pedestal and worship it as our God – a greater being that guides us much like our children do. There are not enough ways in which we can coddle our spirit and strengthen it with love and tenderness. Think about it, how would you want to treat the very core of your being?

It’s entirely different from your body. Your body is something uniquely different than your spirit. Your body carries you around physically on a day-to-day basis whereas your spirit indirectly and unconsciously guides your actions and decisions that eventually brings you to your ultimate destination. The end game of the summation of all your actions and everything you’ve done throughout your life.

Getting unstuck or not being stuck anymore is a plea to your spirit. You have to pose a question to your spirit. As in, what do I need to do today to re-energize my spirit? What words will I use to best elucidate how I am feeling? What images will I find in my conscious memory that will inspire me to continue to write in an inspiring and positive way? How will I reach inside to find something new that will keep me going and happy; with a zest and verve toward life that may be deemed as unstoppable and completely enduring?

Again I say, what words will I find to best demonstrate how I am feeling inside? How will I catapult or leapfrog my spirit to the next plateau – the next realm of being or existence. Since there are higher realms of being, how will I get there? What do I have to do? How many websites to I have to explore? How many different passages do I have to read? How many different people to I have to speak with until I arrive at the spiritual destination that will keep me eternally happy and fulfilled?

How many questions do I have to pose? How many statements do I have to make until someone notices the spectacular reality of my work?

If I do get unstuck, will I become stuck again? Well I think so, yes. Getting stuck is inevitable and part of life that forces us to grow in remarkable ways. If we didn’t get stuck how would we ever have the time to introspect to grasp the full gravity of the situation? We must look inside somewhere deep to move forward in a prolific and noticeable way. It is only by looking inside that we are able to temporarily seize greatness and hold it in our hands above our heads in a transcendental manner.

It begs the question though, where does the creative drive and force come from? Where are its beginnings? Where does one start the journey and where does one end the journey? And what if the creativity well does dry up? How do we refill it again?
Like technology, knowledge becomes obsolete. We have to replace old knowledge with new knowledge in the hopes that we aspire and evolve into higher beings. This takes time, patience, research and collaboration with other people. We have to share our knowledge’s to create and build greater knowledge’s.

One of the easiest examples of this reality is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a collaboration and building of knowledge’s through extensive research. It is a massive database that keeps us informed of people, events, science, literature, dates and just about anything you can think of. It is a reservoir of information that has unseen depths. And all the website asks for is some very modest donations from the masses to keep it up and running on a year over end basis – to prevent it from being a publicly held corporation.

Yes, knowledge does get recycled fairly quickly and people share information (especially from the internet) at fantastic rates. With the great recycling of information and knowledge comes the great pressure to create and dispense new knowledge. Which, in turn, puts great pressure on our spirits to remain fully charged and ready to create and dispense. After all, when we are stuck we tend to move into recessive periods of time that can have unforeseen negative effects and impact on our economies. We only have to look back as far as 2008-2009 to the calamity of the Great Recession in which we went through a major and heart-bursting financial crisis.

Does the Great Recession financial crisis have anything to do with being stuck? In a word, yes. Planned obsolescence and the S-curve would argue so. Yes, there was a banking crisis that saw the bankruptcy and absorption of several financial institutions but it was also a time of rebirth and reshaping of institutions and corporations. In a way, the spirits of the financial institutions and corporations were tired, perhaps burned out and they needed time to be recharged.

Unfortunately, a by-product of this reality is being absorbed by another corporate entity in the time you needed to be recharged. It’s like saying ‘Ok, I’m going on a vacation”. And when you come back from your holiday your job is no longer there and your place or work is gone or acquired by another entity in which case you have to identify with another culture (that is if you were one of the ones that was lucky enough to keep your job). And if you were one of the ones that was lucky enough to keep your job you still have to adapt and forge your personality into a new one to merge with the new culture where you’re now working.

Always so many implications and so many spin-offs. We are always effecting each other in remarkable ways. The stagnation of one person or one entity has a direct influence over the current state of another person or entity. We are always influencing each other in dramatic ways whether we like or not. As well, the creativity of one person or one entity has a direct impact over another individual or entity. Our spirits and their currents states are always effecting and affecting each other. We act and react to one another and a reality is formed in front of us. Sometimes good things happen and sometimes bad things happen. It is always a matter of what the day will bring and what will unfold in front of us.

It’d be great to hear from you,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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