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Destroying Perfection

February 21st, 2013 No comments

I thought of playing something for you one time…if you’d listen. What’s that you say, you don’t want to sit there and passively listen? Now what makes you think I want to actively play? Sure, I could play you something perfect. And I can play you something that may move you to tears and yes, it would be perfect.

In the moments I’d play maybe I’d relieve some of your suffering and I may even please your ear but what about after all the playing stopped? How would you feel then? Would you think me lazy? Would you think of me in a resentful way or with scorn? Maybe you have to trust me to know how you are feeling and reserve your judgment for what you think to be right and true in your mind.

And so I begin to reflect on my life thus far and remember the instances of perfection in it. And I can only look back now and realize that perfection is almost always destroyed or taken away by the people who you believe to love you the most or care about your the most. Do you know what feeling I’m talking about? Do you know where I am going here?

Let me give you a hint. You work hard. Your partner or significant other works hard. Your sets goals together and try and achieve them together and maybe even begin to form some dreams together – like having a family. And so you do. You start a family together and see your child grow and develop right before your eyes. You hold that child and love your child, giving him or her as much attention as possible with as little direction as possible while ensuring their safety. And as you raise that child a very special type of bond is formed; a bond that cannot be understood by any outsider.

And so you continue to work hard together as a family. You fight through sickness together. You fight through personal frustrations together. You fight through boredom together and you push on and do your best to move forward in the most productive way possible without destroying each other. Then one day something clicks. You realize, as a family (with the help of the village), that you have persevered through some of the most challenging times you will ever see as a family.

Just when you think you are at your wit’s end, you sit down at the dinner table as a family. The table’s all set. Barbecued ribs sizzling on your plate with mashed potatoes and semi-charred carrots. Warm butter melting into the potatoes with salt and pepper. You all look at each other with a look of exhaustion. But then, as everyone takes their first mouth-watering bite of their meal, euphoria sets in and the family heals instantaneously.

Your daughter’s blue eyes are sparkling.

Your wife’s brown eyes alive and permanently forged into a look that cannot expressed with words. Her eyes just dance and move in an extraterrestial way that may or may not be seen ever again.

The family takes another bite of food together. Perfection sets in…you begin to float. And in that same instant, an interactive transaction happens somewhere else that is entirely beyond your control. An interactive exchange that knowingly and unknowingly wants to destroy the perfection that you have worked so hard to create. Other beings join forces. They have intent. The family bond you have created is in jeopardy.

Paranoia and suspicion sets in. Your heart starts to pound. You begin to wonder who is on your side and who may be your ally and who may be your enemy.

The table’s all set…their eyes are dancing. You want to destroy me.

Now I can play you that tune. After you hear it…destroy me.

We have worked hard and created perfection…it is destroyed.

And one question remains…
Who is lying about who did or did not take it?

Let me give you a hint.

If there is brown in your phlegm during the months of January or February…you definitely took it,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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