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I remember you Kirk. Face on fire with a tinge of blue and a paunch pushed out.

I saw it in your eyes – the water that is; the lack of recognition and a disconnect. I knew you were a good person from the first time we shook hands (a titan’s grip now).

Now look at you, 160 pounds and a lean mean fighting machine. Your face bleached a healthy white with an unmistakable sparkle in your eyes. A man to be reckoned with and a husband and father to be followed and listened to in the community.

You know I’d keep my face ‘blue’ for you any day; even past the age of 30.

Maybe one day I can talk to you about my great grandfather, Rex. Or we could talk about my Uncle Larry and the ultimate sacrifice his father made for our countries. Or all the other countless human beings who did the thing that all of us are most afraid of.

A man who likes and knows history would know that we laid there on that battlefield holding each other; taking care of each other. Throwing up blood, shit and vomit, hobbling in a crippled mess as we cooked for each other and fed each other. There aren’t enough tears to wipe away the memory of what happened there as we try and recover.

I remember you Kirk.

I hope that one day you will remember me.

Matthew Polkinghorne



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