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The Societal Emotional System

March 26th, 2012 No comments

It’s a beautiful thing – this system; complex, convoluted and unpredictable as it is. So many people going to and from and so many variables to consider. It’s enough to make the head spun in wondrous bewilderment and confusion.

You can be as precise as you want. Manage your time as well as you want. Yet you may never be able to surmount the crushing pressures that have the ability to work around you – to circumvent you.

This is the most beautiful reality I see:

When you as the individual (the agent) work against how the system wants you to behave, 2 things are likely to happen;

1. You’ll find yourself in a cesspool of Hell for not appeasing the societal system’s wishes for you or

2. You’ll breakthrough and discover a new reality that leaves everyone else in the dust.

Scholars may preach that this is the difference between conformity and non-conformity. I prefer to view it as a healthy form of insanity.

I still can’t believe we didn’t die in that car 6 years ago…

Matthew Polkinghorne


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