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The Emergence of The Powerful Mind

March 25th, 2011 No comments

A powerful mind emerges when a person decides to engage in a certain activity for a prolonged period of time. The powerful mind finds comfort in the continuous engagement of the same activity. The powerful mind does it over and over again until it feels as if no thought is required to perform the activity or action. The emergence of the powerful mind can only happen when a person embraces and accepts both the rationality and irrationality of their own madness (embracing and accepting your own individual sanity and insanity). In other words, when the individual can feel completely comfortable in only the breath of their own thought, the individual taps into the power of their own mind and does not feel any automatic or involuntary urges to connect with other individuals (i.e. – I feel as if I must communicate with someone today in order to accomplish any task).

It must be noted, though, that connection with people is vitally important to the completion of tasks. When individuals continually connect with one another in a positive and supportive manner, they intuitively begin to be aware of what the other is doing and subsequent subconscious (and unconscious) gestures will be made to remind the individual of what they need to do in order to contribute the greater whole or society.

Yet we cannot discount the importance of the powerful mind in isolation. The powerful mind in isolation is left to its own devices without any influences from external sources. The powerful mind finds peace and tranquility in being thrown in the labyrinth without a ball of string. The powerful mind can see that the only way out of the maze is to turn inward and trust the feelings which reside there. As the internal feelings begin to be trusted, the individual being naturally begins to guide itself out of any uncertainties or any unsolvable existential riddles.

The powerful mind in isolation can feel that internal implosions do not have the ability to obliterate the internal being. In this sense, internal implosions only have the ability to temporarily derail and depress the individual into a reduced state of being and doing. Be, think, feel, act, do. Feel, be, act, think, do. Act, feel, think, be, and do.

As the powerful minds in isolation oscillates between feel, think, be, act, and do (act and do are virtually the same by the way with a major distinction that to act is to pretend whereas to do is to engage in meaningful behavior that provides something to surrounding members of society), it begins to operate in a perfect rhythm with all parts of the being harmonized toward the direction of goal completion and some variation of self-actualizing or being the best one has the ability to be.

Some notable authors and thinkers in the field refer to this notion as self-efficacy; an individual’s belief in their self that they are competent on a daily basis. Self-efficaciousness is nothing new and there is no need to dwell on it at this juncture of time.

Do you feel as if you have tapped into your powerful mind?

Matthew Polkinghorne

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People With Money Are Concerned: Big Surprise

March 10th, 2011 No comments

Investors are chomping on their fingernails trying to decide how they may be able to maximize their dollars after decades of hard work. This is not shocking. If you sacrificed decades of your life to create a product, provide a service, and serve the common good, you can bet your britches such people have sweat beading down from their brow as uncertainty clouds their mind.

Besides, how can the younger folk possibly understand what it took to make it happen all those hard years? How can younger folk understand the mental anguish of toughing it out day after day with careers, schooling, loved ones, friends, and children? How can younger folk even begin to understand the perils that lie ahead?

To some degree, this can all be boiled down to a parent letting their young child explore their environment. A parent needs to encourage and let a child roam their environment to see what is there and try to comprehend what is there. As no environment is absolutely safe, a parent also needs to keep a careful watch while not projecting excessive anxiety. A child will sense excessive parental anxiety and it will subsequently effect the child’s actions and mode of environment exploration. This is not to say that a parent should have no qualms and be negligent about child environment exploration. Yet it is saying that a parent needs to be trusting of their child or children’s action(s) even if they have made a mistake in exploration or understanding of environment.

So, are investors curled up in a corner shivering with angst and quakes? In a word, yes. But, we all know that all we’re really talking about is an aging population retaining the cash to see who will step forward with zeal, might, and extrinsically motivated behavior. Or, who will step in the ‘big shoes’ and make an unrelenting commitment to long-term excellence, product development, and second-to-none service?

Some may say that the answer lie in a person who is always busy (i.e. – give more work to people who are already impossibly busy because they are already insanely busy and know how to get things done and they know how to delegate work effectively – contract, sub-contract and the like). Spoken differently, if you give work to someone who is always hemming and hawing over the work, you risk giving the work to someone who is not yet sure about their objectives and priorities.

But if you really want to play it safe and capitalize on your investments, then just give the work to someone who does not look forward to, dream about, or need vacations. Why you may be wondering? Because they are in love with what they are doing and seek the thrill of something that will challenge their skill, resolve, and tenacity.

Anyways, you workaholics need to know that there are other younger workaholics in your midst. Yet all of us know that the ‘workaholic’ label is improperly used and incorrectly understood. Translation? A workaholic is in love with what they are doing – get over it.

Any brash, rude, or emotionally insensitive thoughts for me? Please feel free to share.

Matthew Polkinghorne

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O.K., I Will Write My 1st Book

March 3rd, 2011 No comments

It’s not going to be orthodox or conventional. It’s going to be a mix of mind, guts, and heart. It ain’t going to give you all the answers and it ain’t going to be of pristine literary structure.

I can’t write in a box, I got to write in the structure of a convoluted cube.

I want to keep you engaged, so I won’t be pedantic or paternalistic. I’ll share what I know. I’ll share what I think. I’ll share what I think may be some variation of new. I’ll isolate myself into the coldest personal winter and feel my core ice over.

Matthew Polkinghorne

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