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A Major Musical Influence In My Life: Matthew Good Tours The U.S.A.

March 16th, 2010 No comments

15 years ago, Matthew Good (formerly Matthew Good Band) were a huge musical success in Canada. They received much attention for their acclaimed album ‘Underdogs’. Really, this album was what launched them to bigger, more lucrative venues. Some of their most treasured and cherished hits were ‘Apparitions’, ‘Everything Is Automatic’, ‘Indestructible’, and ‘The Inescapable Us’. The great success of ‘Underdogs’ was quickly followed with the album ‘Beautiful Midnight’ – a massive success with hits like ‘Strange Days’, ‘Giant’, ‘Load Me Up’, and ‘The Future Is X-Rated’. Although all of the hits just mentioned were radio friendly songs and what the public demanded to hear, the emotional depth and brilliance of Matthew Good Band often rested in the less explored, less listened to, and less popular tracks.

            The less popular tracks weren’t necessarily trying to ream out a perfect transition of chords. Nor were they trying to produce earth-shattering and unforgettable sound. Instead, they found a deeper meaning – a deeper feeling – feelings that had the ability to reach the very core of the individual and leave an emotionally rhythmic imprint.

            Releasing one more album after ‘Beautiful Midnight’ (titled – The Audio of Being), Matthew Good Band disbanded as personalities may have clashed and the group dynamic no longer seemed to work. The ultimate dissolving of the Matthew Good Band lead to the formation of ‘Matthew Good’ – the continuation of one of Canada’s most prominent and outspoken musical artists now making music and performing with a ‘solo’ identity. While many critics may have thought this a very detrimental turn of events for all parties involved, some of Matt’s most compelling and moving work emerged with his first Solo release – ‘Avalanche’. In many respects, the album Avalanche was considered to be a work of epic proportions – huge sound from a vibrant mind and a huge heart.

            Since Avalanche, Matthew Good has continued to release album after album, each one adding to his repertoire, musical credibility, and status as an irrefutable and outstanding audio icon from British Columbia, Canada. His most recent piece of work and album release is called – Vancouver – yet another new sound that has people letting go of their inhibition and moving to the catchy waves of sound blasting toward them. It may be fair to say that you have not felt musically magnetic energy until you purchase some tickets and see Matt and his mates rock out on stage – such a fantastic and memorable presence.

            As luck would have it, I was able to just see Matthew Good perform (March 15, 2010) at the Casbah in downtown San Diego. While I did not feel the need to get up and dance around to the groovy rhythm last night, my mind was not disappointed and often mesmerized by the rich melodies cascading through the airwaves. A truly wonderful musical experience indeed. 

            How will the rest of the U.S. Tour go for Matthew Good and his band mates? Time will only tell, I guess. Their next venue is in Phoenix, AZ and they will bring their sound to the mercury colored desert. While the band’s onstage interactive presence may be a little rough around the edges, there is always room for their lead man to quit bullying his own band mates on stage and realize that they are up there performing together.

Swimming In Sound,

Matthew Polkinghorne

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