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Relational Rut?: Maybe It Is Time To Ask More Questions

February 26th, 2009 No comments

Far too many people do not ask enough questions throughout their day-to-day interactions. Many people, on the other hand, are more than willing and likely eager to open their own sound delivering device and spew out answers and opinions left, right and center to anyone who will listen or to anyone who appears to be listening. Maybe it is just the nature of the human beast. Perhaps it is just the preferred inclinations of our species. Whatever it is, and I am sure I am not alone in this upcoming thought, such behaviors can be readily and justifiably perceived as annoying, agitating and utterly distasteful.

Let us be frank for a moment; the person who proclaims and professes to have all of the answers, in today’s society, might as well just jump in a churning pit of quicksand, plug their nose and happily go under. It is that simple.

So, why does this matter? Why should you give a hoot about any of this mumbo-jumbo?

Your answer(s) will likely depend on what is important to you. Here is another question to ponder – in the days to come, where do you want to stand in the complicated political terrain that lays before you? Picture it, where do you see yourself; amongst your friends, amongst your family members and amongst your colleagues?

Do you want positive regard from others? Do you want to be held in high esteem? Do you want people to grudgingly give you a ready-made, pre-pondered fake smile? These are just some questions to ask yourself when considering the political terrain you wish to discover and exist within.

Now some individuals may be right where they want to be and all of this may be a bunch of blundering hogwash. If you feel this way no hard feelings. If some of these questions happen to spark some interest in that neural network of yours, then please read on with unbridled enthusiasm and fine-tipped precision.

The long and the short of it is this; almost everyone enjoys the company of an inquisitive individual. Someone who has the ability to ask various kinds of questions tends to be welcomed with open arms and warm smiles, especially when there is a significant age gap between individuals. How often have you witnessed a young and inexperienced person try to explain the ways of the world to a seasoned and experienced person? What did you notice when this happened?

My guess is that you saw the experienced person with an inscrutable expression draped across their face. Well okay, maybe their facial expression was not too mysterious, but perhaps it resembled a person with pursed lips, a crinkled forehead and this look that has ‘you are a young twit’ written all over it.

The main message for all of us? We need to ask more questions in all sectors of our lives to improve camaraderie and expand the personal meaning and value we all ascribe to our most treasured relationships.

Note: As more entries are made on this blog, please ask yourself how the discussed subject matter may currently be impacting your life. In addition, ask yourself ‘Where do I stand’ on this issue? If you are willing to endorse this kind of approach, my hope will be that you will Discover Your Ground.

Please feel free to convey any thoughtful comments, ideas and suggestions you may have regarding this post.

In other words – where do you stand in relation to this matter?

Be good to yourself,

Matthew R. Polkinghorne

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